Friday, 26 June 2009

excerpt from an undated page

[..] in the bar hangs a moose head with clawed out eyes. underneath it rests fourteen bamboo sticks. I fail to see the connection.

every time I want to light a cigarette I order a tequila. every time I want to order a tequila I light a cigarette. I note that I am balanced.

the outstretched female stomach rises from the floor and hisses between old teeth. I, who never evade reality, give birth to traumas in the midst of innocent dreams. I take a hint, and roll off the bar stool and tumble underneath the pool table.

I look up into the guillotine. to be is to become. I close my eyes and hear an iceberg calving. nine ball hits corner pocket. this is where desire is beheaded.

the inhuman, again made human.

the bartender calls for a cab. or in his words, a rather large pumpkin[..]

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