Tuesday, 16 June 2009

those brutal hands

this will end me

I thought it was silent
till it went silent

how have you inspired this pain?

I've never understood
what it is I'm not supposed to feel
like a bird on the wing in a swollen sky
my mind is torn by lightning
as it flies from the thunder behind

From Sarah Kane's 4:48 Psychosis

Because it is beautiful, and well worth remembering when you're having your regular 4:48 tea & typewriter sessions.


  1. hi bjarte!
    just wanted to say I really like your photos.
    see you soon in wrocław I hope ;-)
    take care,

  2. hi monika.

    thanks for your lovely comment.
    we got a car now, so we might actually make business out of your proposal.

    feels like wroclaw is just a short spin away.

    see you around! b

  3. hi! just saw your comment(thanx)/answer.
    so I expect you soon here! it's just like 3,5 hours away {read: 3,5 whiles), but first we see us in berlin, I hope.
    bis dann, denn ;)