Monday, 6 July 2009

excerpt from page #35

[..]what is the general lifespan of a shock? is it now the loveless, and again, the faces, carrying the loveless respiration? who's the hyena? who imagines a loveless face? I know I do, and tell the tale believing that the loving face will be restored, like Jesus the Fairytale Queen was brought into existence, waving his magic wand around our nations shopping malls. accused of pedophilia and loitering. holding a typewriter to the sky, "cursed be these missing letters!"

relief, and a different story. where do the words go?

could I still convey my thoughts to you, even if there was a rare mismatch between thought and expression? would it be ok? if you treated it like a puzzle, and knew that I was indifferent to the the way you jigsawed it around, that I am content with you trying? asking someone to waste their time, is asking a lot.

look at the hyena with it's jagged teeth, throwing belly-roaring laughter left and right, could you for a moment suspend the image of me?[..]

[..]what if this ends, and the loveless faces are the ones passing judgment? the hyena, smirking like never before, making sure to also turn this into a staring contest. who would ever dream of looking away?[..]

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