Monday, 14 March 2016


(debasement he thinks)

getting rid of aristocrats, plumbers
third world cemeteries, stock rice
humiliating backlogs of diaries
documents of coronaries
canaries, and magpies, hives
all your alchemy
to make way

for sins posing as grace

as grace
no less than hamlet posing as play
kings as coke bottles, beauty as coke parties

coke beauty

ridiculous little brecht on the floor next to the aquarium behind the unwashed pajamas party
ridiculous the müllers with make-believe trousers and nightly retainers
teeth not evading skulls, skulls not evading sleep
sleep not evading the civilian need of coke

breakfasts returned to the goddess
centuries of insignificant toast
you add hooray

and move into the castle, a castle

with a humdrum of slaves you promised to never get involved with
crystal meth debacles as always, but never the workmanship
never the hassle per se, just the finitude
a dog’s breath drawn across your face
and still
i can be gone for you, no question
just say



the word

and promise

that you will never be like them, never like them never
can you still dream in sentences
murder one, or two
star dust
not complicated
not with wants
never complicated
never with wants


murder, well, complicated, but let’s give it a go

one festive bankier walks down the road


two festive bankiers walks down the road


feel ready?

now, kill them with something that scares you

choke one of them with an application for citizenship

drown the next one in future

easy (they are already gone)
it is easy

you have to get rid of yourself

get rid of yourself for good: kill the matter that made you you

worshipped at schools

desired at default parties

he was a nirvana boy / no he was a slayer boy

he kissed me
he loved me

i must leave you

i will leave you

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