Sunday, 25 December 2011


to let you know
that i think you are perfect
i call you up late one night
when i know you are sleeping
and talk at length
about your imperfections

as i listen to you listen
as i talk
i know
how glad you must be right now
that we never have to pretend differently
that your faults and your inability
of pertaining static properties
is really the root
of us
ever changing into someone
we will not be afraid to lose
into someone we never have to be again

as i listen to you listen
as i accentuate the force
of our agreeable non-agreement
by telling parables of how a bicycle
can never retain the same wheels once
they are changed
or how a government can never reconstitute
the vigor of the ideas it was originally founded upon
once it is in decline
you decide to prove your love to me
some 5-10 minutes ago
by having already
quietly hung up the phone

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