Monday, 14 February 2011


head past the wife the man the little one

the brother and sister sleeping the

nightwatchman sleeping the town crier sleeping

go to the fields the woods the clearing

the mountain with the fire tongue the iceberg

head past the country doctor on a routine assignment

the landscapers the forest ranger and the crackling bell tower the rural minimalist painting extinct sunsets at the benefit of readily tired benefactors

the artisans the innkeeper's gluttonous glare

the drunken people sleeping head past the fairy queen dressed as a snail the faun sucking on a dry pipe the rat and the squirrel king fighting arduously over a frozen pea the tempest owl beckoning kisses with it's rotten beak

go to the last ocean the bottomless pond

the empty car park at the end of the land

go to the real wilderness there is no hunger

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