Tuesday, 26 October 2010

truth and consequence

there is a grain of sand
that grows into vast universes
and every language spoken
every book read
and a word so absolute
and all-encompassing
that it fills every body
to the point of asphyxiation
and ensures that no one speaks it

instead we try to expand
and become open seas
that stretches into blue infinities
so we can swim alongside it
and bask in it's endlessness
but the word becomes an orca
carelessly singing under water
before disappearing
into it's own vastness

so we try to follow
when it strands on a beach
and becomes a girl
that runs away barefoot
and hitches a ride soutwards
we try to stop the driver
but he spins away
and whirls up a dry red sandstorm
leaving nothing
but the dissipating sound of a car horn
a siren singing on a hot summer day

so she becomes a memory
of a word
that once filled every body
to the point of asphyxiation
and could not be spoken

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