Saturday, 10 July 2010

in echo bay

street smart/corner smart/avenue smart/down the alley smart/road smart/thruway smart/lane smart/fastlane smart/highway smart/autobahn smart/country road smart/50 kmh village road smart/parking lot smart/handicap parking smart/pavement smart/chalked sidewalk smart/hopscotch smart

landing on already crushed bugs in your trophy childhood smart

mother calling smart

mother not calling smart

house smart/door smart/house smart/door smart/house smart/door smart/wait in the car smart/change the radio channel smart/drive smart/sit smart/watch smart/dissipating roads smart/wet from rain street smart/line smart

submarine or catholic smart

the bomb or not the bomb smart/god's mercy smart

god's non-existing mercy smart

humanity smart

nature smart

growth and decomposition smart

you smart

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