Thursday, 17 September 2009

long unintended poem dedicated to will oldham, the actor


forced into this

of course you are forced into this

how well you know me

by now

we both have answers

i make you do this

i make you copy this, write this, use this

you're actions are long since my actions

i know you

i force you into this

i hope you will last

you can not give up

you know this

we are forced into this

what we do in life echoes in mediocrity

did you think we were powerless


how long did we travel
to tell this story

i know we sent postcards, do you remember
the glaciers

how do we remember importance

one spring

our feet were not shaking


did i promise myself

to be here


hovering now

like a mystic yogi

over a burnt pizza


we just need alcohol

to finish this poem

there was a universe

i am sure we know everything about it

we just need alcohol

to prove it


we're being crazy

i know



don't give a fuck


i was head over heels

at one point

but the girl got lost

i got lost

the poem got lost

bloodhounds, senseless

only screams would persist

head over heels

at some point


still here to haunt you

oliver reed

in the shape of a pear

or christopher lee
the old dracula

with sponsored teeth

high on ketamine

no refunds what so ever


do dogs

ever catch that branch

that will tell them


in branch words

translated in dog teeth language

tons of humans

left longing

for explanations



estranged by contact


dragged across the counters

in an unbearable shelling


just remember

all these things before






i have an idea


we're selling oil

i know oil

oil knows me

it knows you too

it is heaven

a beautiful buick

we'll make it in time


let's give something back to the community

something special

let's give something back to the community

a jesus

or another jesus


i put you on to this

we shouldn't trust my dreams

but here we are

i put you on to this

these are dreams

don't you recognize torn wings


even though you can't imagine it

your bearded smile

hides nothing more

than a bearded smile


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