Wednesday, 20 May 2009

paper # 20, the bus from rissani to fes, the 1st of may

desert sand, desert animals, desert men, desert sounds, desert talk, desert laughter, desert stories, desert pride, desert joy, desert knowledge, desert chronology, desert causality, desert darkness, desert wells, desert light, desert drums, desert fatigue, desert realities, desert stars, desert cold, desert wool, desert dreams, desert friendship, desert languages, desert confusion, desert compromises, desert dephts, desert drugs, desert tourism, desert wine, desert interests, desert bliss, desert piss, desert wind, desert lamps, desert egalité, desert coke, desert directions, desert liberty, desert choice, desert help, desert shadows, desert life, desert sand

desert whales

the white whale of the desert

to me, a cringing desert brick, a 300 meter high, unattainable dune of sand, to the desert berber an unattainable european kiss, a shag in paris, baguettes in the morning, desertless desert dreams

shameless desert illusions

desert hubris

the over-heated sunbed of the desert, no rational thought outside instinct

the heroes of the desert, jimi hendrix, bob marley and some football player, every other sentence uttered in their praise, the dromedars bearing their names

every little thing's gonna be allright

desert rye, desert tea, desert coffee, desert jam, desert bread, desert bugs and flies, desert time, desert patience, desert paralysis, desert will, desert gait, desert kneefall, desert heat, desert water, desert games, desert sounds, desert laughter, desert salutations, desert fraternities, desert drawings, desert tea, desert bugs and flies, desert sand

don't you worry 'bout a thing/every little thing's gonna be allright

the white whale of the desert, the broken harpoon of the desert, the artificial galleon of the desert, the flying kick of the desert in the pointless motion picture of the desert

the jean-claude van damme of the desert in the book of the desert written by the william s burroughs of the desert on the black typewriter of the desert

desert faith, desert hope, desert doubt, desert gods, desert devils, desert crucifixes, desert churches, desert minarets, desert fast, desert sins, desert commandments, desert covenants, desert sacrifices, desert answers, desert sand

every little thing's gonna be allright

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